Meet Our Pursuit Boston Team!

We are excited to introduce you to our Pursuit Boston team!


Melissa McEvoy

Cycling enthusiast, Melissa works admirably as a director of a non-profit charity cycling team – Team Velox Rota to help the fight against Multiple Sclerosis. Her tough love, work hard, play hard attitude combined with fast paced beats creates a high-energy workout so your mind won’t catch up with how hard you’re working until the ride is over! Her go get it attitude is encapsulated in her favorite quote “You want me to do something…..tell me I can’t do it” – Maya Angelou



Scott Brasfield

Scott brings his American Conservatory Theatre training and performing experience (remember One Life to Live?) to create a fun, creative and energetic ride. His latest alternative and electronic dance music hits, peppered with pop classics and his favorite eighties throwbacks are handpicked to inspire and create a positive vibe, akin to a good mixed tape! Massive Attack’s “Be Thankful for What You’ve Got” best sums up Scott.



Grace Twesigye

Grace’s fun loving and larger than life personality creates a high energy and uplifting mood in the studio. Her eclectic and energetic playlists produce an upbeat class experience, empowering riders to achieve a fun and fulfilling workout. Her favorite quote best embodies her adventurous personality – “You can’t be that kid standing at the top of the waterslide, over thinking it. You have to go down the chute!  (Tina Fey)



Rebecca Jacobs

Rebecca is a piano playing, music lover who was inspired to become a Spinning instructor herself after being blown away by taking class with a brilliant instructor. She strives to replicate such an enlightening and motivating experience with her own class. Rebecca loves being a DJ and creating a fun and energetic atmosphere. Ironically the song that best sums her up is “Pursuit of Happiness”! 



Ali Wagner

Ali combines her Kinesiology knowledge and keen attention to individual riders needs to create a highly motivating class that pushes each rider to limits they never knew existed! Ali’s carefully selected inspirational lyrics foster a rewarding and dynamic ride. She makes a tremendous effort to create and develop a personal connection with each and every rider. Ali’s love for Spinning is second only to her extremely cute puppy, Charlie!



Erica Marken

Erica is a highly experienced fitness and wellness professional who fell in love with Spinning at first sprint! She respects the foundations Spinning was first built upon but keeps her classes fresh and relevant by playing anything from classic rock to Top 40 hits.  Erica believes in being a teacher and not just an instructor, with a goal of making each rider a stronger, calmer and more confident person by blocking out the crazy outside world and focusing on nothing but themselves during her rides! 



Amanda Lilley

Amanda combines her passion for music and dance to create a strong, positive vibe that motivates her students to be the best they can and strive to meet and surpass their goals. Her wide-ranging music tastes from top 40 hits to hip hop to easy listening ensures your favorite tune will always be played! Don’t be scared, self proclaimed ‘shark nerd’ won’t bite! 



Amber Auger

Outgoing, funny and self proclaimed ‘Spinnesta’, Amber creates an upbeat, motivating and diverse class. Known to break out in spontaneous dance moves when she hears a great beat pumping, Amber uses Top 40 hits, 80’s classics and soft rock anthems to keep her class motivated and having fun while burning off last nights cocktail! “What you believe is what you become” – echoes her positive attitude. 


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