Spinesta of the Month – Alix


Pursuit Boston Spinesta of the Month - Alix Leabman

Pursuit Boston Spinesta of the Month – Alix Leabman


Congratulations to our very first Spinesta of the Month!

Each month we’ll be highlighting one of our rockstar riders who embodies what Pursuit Boston is all about.

Meet Alix!


How long have you been taking Spinning classes for?

– I have been Spinning for about 5 or 6 years now but Pursuit has definitely made me want to Spin on a regular basis.


How did you come to become a client of Pursuit Boston?

– I had done some Spinning classes in college but very sporadically.  In March, I began to look for a studio in the Boston area.  After taking my free first class at Pursuit, it was love at first ride!  NOTHING in the area compares!


What is your favorite part about Spinning at Pursuit?

– EVERYTHING!  But most importantly Jennie and the instructors.  I was so excited about Pursuit that I dragged all of my friends to a special birthday ride this summer for my 25th.  Each class is unique in its own way which helps to always keep the classes exciting and fast paced.


When can we find you in the studio?

– I am an early bird.  You will always find me in the morning classes Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Really hoping to sneak in a few of Meg’s Tuesday classes also.


What have you learned from taking Spinning classes?

– Spinning has been an amazing part of my workout routine.  It is a great workout for cross-training.  I used Spinning to get in shape for my half-marathon and it truly helped to build endurance.  Spinning can involve quick sprint type workouts as well as longer endurance based workouts.  It has taught me to push myself to limits I didn’t think I was capable of.


When you’re not in the studio, where can we find you?

– Chasing the 3 children I nanny for (all under 7!); Cross-training (CrossFit, running, yoga).  I love to spend my free time working out and often taking walks around Boston (especially the Esplanade and in the Back Bay).

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