Teacher Tuesday Spotlight – Erica Marken

Pursuit Boston Rockstar Instructor Erica

Pursuit Boston Rockstar Instructor Erica

Teacher Tuesday – Erica Marken

Tell us about yourself:

I have been a fitness and wellness professional for fourteen years. The first six saw an intense focus on attaining a Master’s degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology, working as a personal trainer, a cardiac rehabilitation specialist and group exercise instructor. I am currently a personal trainer and group exercise instructor in numerous facilities around Boston. I took my first spinning class in 1998 as a college student looking for something different. You could say it was love at first sprint. I became certified to teach less than a year later and have since honed a style that respects the foundations on which spinning was built while remaining current and educated on trends. I play a variety of music from Top 40s to Classic Rock and let the beat reflect the profile created for class.


What makes your class unique?

I have always believed in being a teacher, and not just an instructor. Teaching a Spin class is not about getting my own workout – my goal is to have each rider leave class a stronger, calmer, healthier and more confident human being. I strive to make a connection with each person who takes my class, and encourage everyone to tune out the rest of the world and take 45 minutes to focus on nothing but themselves.


What song(s) on your current playlist?

“Stay the Night” — Zedd

“Wake Me Up” — Avicii

“Timber” — Kesha

“Paint It Black” — Rolling Stones


What is your favorite quote?

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone” —Ronald Reagan


You can find Erica in the studio Monday’s at 6pm

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