October Spinesta of the Month – Heather

October Spinesta of the Month – Heather Buda

Spinesta of the Month - Heather Buda

Spinesta of the Month – Heather Buda

Congrats to our second Spinesta of the Month!

Meet Heather!

How did you come to become a client of Pursuit Boston?

I had taken Erica’s class at the Boylston BSC for almost 2 years and had to try out the new place that she was excited to be joining. She is such an incredible instructor that the thought of not having her kick my butt was not an option.

How long have you been taking Spinning classes?

I began spinning in October 2012 as a cross-training element of my marathon regimen. It helped me improve my time by almost an hour!

What is your favorite part of Spinning with Pursuit?

Where do I begin!? First, the people. From Jennie, the owner, to all of the instructors, I have come to find sanctuary at this studio. Everyone makes you feel like you are part of the Pursuit family (and I love cuddling with Bo!). Second, the caliber of the instructors. The classes I take at Pursuit make my muscles burn (the good way) and pushes me to go one step further in my workout. Exercise is 90% mental – and the right instructors help you realize your body is stronger than you think. Lastly, community. With charity rides, and proceeds from classes going to important causes all around the city – I feel as though I am contributing to the overall well-being of society. Each little bit counts, and Pursuit is making it happen.

What have you learned from Spinning?

I am stronger than I think

Spinning is more than a leg workout. When you have the correct form, your core will burn.

When can we find you in the studio?

Mondays 6PM (Erica’s class – can’t miss it!), and Saturday/Sunday. I really enjoy Power Hour or Circuit Power Spin on Saturday morning – great jump start to the weekend.

When you’re not in the studio, where can we find you?

Aside from work….Browsing the shoe stores on Newbury (guilty pleasure…or addiction…). You can also almost always find me reading a new book outside at Starbucks on the weekend – Americano s’il vous plait.

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